You're The Kind of Lady

This song was written and Recorded in 1984 and was the first song I ever recorded with Producer Ty Bracken. It was my pre-techno days with a full band. I even played acoustic guitar on the track along with Kenny Stitcher on Lead Guitar, Ty Bracken on Keyboard, Charlie Powell on Bass & Kenny Quimby on Drums...

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You're The Kind of Lady
Phil Thomas Katt

You're The Kind Of Lady That I'd Like To Hold On To
Hold To For A While
If For Nothing Else But To Look In Your Eyes
And Enjoy Your Smile

Everybody Wants A Piece Of Your Heart
So Can You Blame Me Now For Trying
I Just Want To Taste Your Love and Make You Mine

You're The Kind of Lady That Steals All The Hearts Away
And Steal It You Did
If You've Got The Time, Could You Give Me A Day
And Let Me Steal A Kiss

(Repeat Chorus)

You've Got Me Dreaming Of You Baby
You've Got Me Thinking Of You All The Time
I Really Want You Baby
Could I Be Next In Line

You're The Kind Of Lady That Always Keeps You Wondering
Wondering All The Time
If I Got The Chance, Could You Give Me A Day
And Flow With Me In Rhyme

(Repeat Chorus)

copyright 1986 Phil Thomas Katt Productions