Your Best Friend

This song tells you how to appreciate her Best Friend...

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Your Best Friend
by Phil Thomas Katt

I Woke Up This Morning
From A Wild Night With You
You Had To Work Today
Said You Had Some Things To Do
Then You Told Me That Your Best Friend Had A Major Crush On Me
And Would I Mind If She Stopped By
And Give Her Love To Me

You Gave Me Your Best Friend
I Guess You Didn't Love Me
But Your Best Friend Did
I Really Like You Best Friend
Baby This The Best Thing
That You Ever Did

You Gave Her Your House Key
So She Could Come On In
You Said To Stay In Bed
And She'd Be By At Ten
Then I Heard The Door Open
And She Jumped Between The Sheets
Had A Good Time She Blew My Mind
She Gave Her Love To Me

What Seemed Like Hours Of Loving
Too Soon She Had To Go
I'm Now A Closer Friend
To Your Best Friend You Know
Then She Walked To The Front Door
Oh She Left Me In A Spin
But She Exclaimed, As She Called My Name
We'll Have To Do This Again

copyright 2011 Phil Thomas Katt Productions