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The Latest Music CD From Gulf Coast Singer/Songwriter Phil Thomas Katt

This CD contains 13 tracks of Original tunes that span a number of years. After the release of my last album, I immediately began recording tracks for Declawed and even released a single for the song "Vagabond" back then about a famous 50's & 60's Teen Hangout in Pensacola. 4 of the tracks were produced with Rock-a-Billy Hall of Famer Ty Bracken, including the more recent song, "The Light Turned Green".

Michael Johnson of Ape School produced the musical soundtrack for "The Enterprise Room", a song about a sidebar in the famous 2001 Disco Club in Pensacola back in the 80's. It was released as a download single last year and has been a huge success, likely because The Uncharted Zone YouTube Channel went viral recently. That prompted several National TV Appearances and request from fans worldwide to release another album.

Marc Steinberg of California produced the musical soundtrack for the tune, "Competition", and many have called it one of the best tracks on the album.

The Late Mitch Armstrong played a sweet Guitar solo for the song "Florida Funk", that's even more special to me now because of Mitch's recent passing.

Kenny Stitcher returns with his Les Paul on the song "Christmas Eve". You may remember he played on many of the tracks on the Nine Lives album.

There's also a cool song called, "KattLine Girl", about those wild and crazy times and that little thing I called KattLine, my phone line that gained a huge following in the 80's. It's a very cool tune that includes actual KattLine callers from those days.

To sum it up the CD is The True Stories of The Adventures of Phil Thomas Katt in the 80's.

Including These Original Songs:

w/ Mike
The Light Turned Green
The Enterprise Room
Your Best Friend
Just For Kissin'
Subject: Baby Come Back
Florida Funk
Christmas Eve
I Got Lucky On Friday The 13th
KattLine Girl

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w/ Mike Phil Thomas Katt
The Light Turned Green Phil Thomas Katt
The Enterprise Room Phil Thomas Katt
Your Best Friend Phil Thomas Katt
Just For Kissin' Phil Thomas Katt
Vagabond Phil Thomas Katt
Subject: Baby Come Back Phil Thomas Katt
Autumn Phil Thomas Katt
Florida Funk Phil Thomas Katt
Competition Phil Thomas Katt
Christmas Eve Phil Thomas Katt
I Got Lucky On Friday The 13th Phil Thomas Katt
KattLine Girl Phil Thomas Katt

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