I Got Lucky On Friday The 13th

Writing for this song began in 1988 to document PTK's Friday The 13th adventures. The tune grew and developed through the years starting from just the title. The song title was also the inspiration for the very Popular Get Lucky On Friday The 13th UZ Talent Search.

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I Got Lucky On Friday The 13th
Phil Thomas Katt

I Went Out On A Friday
Twas A Holiday Night
The Clouds Were Kinda Scary
And The Moon Was Extra Bright

I Stepped Into The Nightclub
There Was Something In The Air
Way Over In The Corner
Was A Lady Oh So Fair

While Some Are Seeking Black Cats
I'm Purposing Things At Length
I'm Here To Offer Magic
I Got Lucky On Friday The 13th


There Are Some Who's Here For Evil
With A Black Rose And A Wink
I'm Here To Offer Only Love
I Got Lucky On Friday The 13th

I'd Like You As My Baby
On This Unluckiest Of Nights
We Could Mend Some Broken Mirrors
And Change Some Wrongs To Rights

I Celebrate This Friday
Just As I Always Have
I'd Like To Play Your Superstitions
If That Type Of Things Allowed

I Will Offer Acts Of Kindness
And Buy For You A Drink
Were Heading Back To Old Katt Manner
I Got Lucky On Friday The 13th

Copyright 2011 Phil Thomas Katt Productions