In 1982 PTK released his forth single, "Hypnotized". The 45rpm record got a lot of regional radio airplay from several different stations and it sold very well in the local record stores. PTK embarked on a skating rink tour back then and promoted the record in several cities. The flip side of the single did very well too featuring Fort Walton Beach Award Winning Vocalist, Jackie Hammic on background vocals. The "Hypnotized By A Katt Tour" was the first time the Katt name was used and the record label reflects that...

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Phil Thomas Katt

Say Hey My Little Skater
Say Momma Let Me Date Her
I Really Want To Make Her Mine
She's Such A Sweet Lady
Now Don't You Dare Say Maybe
Say Momma Don't You Know She's Fine

She's A Special Girl
You Can See It In Her Eyes
She Got Me In Her Power
Got Me Hypnotized
I'm In Love

Say Hey My Little Singer
Say Momma Let Me Swing Her
I'll Love Her 'Til The End Of Time
She's Such A Styleful Lady
Now Don't You Dare Say Maybe
Say Momma Won't You Let Her Be Mine

(Repeat Chorus)

Loosing Control Of Myself
Well I Don't Know What To Say
Everybody Thinks I'm Crazy
But I Want To See Her Day After Day
After Day, After Day, After Day


Say Hey My Little Steady
Momma Thank You For Your Letting
I Promise That I'll Treat Her Right
She's Such A Magic Lady
Now Thank You For Your Baby
I'll Never Let Her Out Of My Sight

(Repeat Chorus)

copyright 1983 Phil Thomas Katt Productions