(I'll Be Your) Boy & Man

This song was originally on what was called The Flip Side of The Teen Lover 45rpm vinyl record. The tune was recorded at Prestige Productions Recording Studio in Birmingham on the same stormy afternoon that Side 1 was recorded. Back in the day Phil Thomas Katt was using Just PHIL as a stage name and the record label reflects that...

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(I'll Be Your) Boy and Man
Phil Thomas Katt

You Know My Name Girl
And I Know Yours
We Can Walk Around And Smile
You Hold My Hand Girl
And I'll Hold Yours
We Can Stay Together For A While

Nobody Knows What I'm Feeling
If They Did Would They Understand
But You Be My Girl and Woman
and I'll Be Your Boy and Man

You Be A Child Girl and I Will Too
We Can Laugh and Sing All Day
But I'll Grow Up
If You Want Me To
And Love You In My Manly Way

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm Just A Boy and I Love It
Well I Take Time For Fun
Some People Think They're Above It
But Really Their The Lonely One

You Kiss Me Sweet Girl and I'll Kiss You
Show Me That You Really Care
Even When I'm Young
I Can Love You
And That's The Love I'm Gonna Share

(Repeat Chorus)

copyright 1980 Phil Thomas Katt Productions