A Blown Kiss In The Air

Los Angeles music producer John Vawter, has enhanced and remastered my first In-Studio recording. It's called, "A Blown Kiss In The Air". I was uncomfortable with releasing this song but John, along with many of you wanted me to, John even called what I considered the definite noticeable flaw in the recording an Elvis-like downward scoop. He also said "This is probably the sweetest, most innocent song I've heard from PTK, a tale of unconsummated, perhaps even forbidden, love". Download at your own risk...

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A Blown Kiss In The Air
Phil Thomas Katt

We met by chance at a party for another
We never had romance physically
But something in your eyes when you looked at me they glimmered
I knew you felt the same way for me


We never talked, the room was filled with people
That we both knew wouldn't understand
But with secret hidden gestures you let me know you care
And I said I love you with a blown kiss in the air

I caught your eyes in a sweet stare looking at me
I thought that I would die when you smiled
I thought I saw you wink
I sure hope I'm not mistaken
I'd feel just like a fool quite a while


And when you left the party forever from my life
I said good-bye dear with a blown kiss in the air.

copyright 1977 Phil Thomas Katt Productions